From Creating & Optimizing your Online Store Presence to In-store Point of Sales

We Cover All Of Your Retail Requirements

From Commercial/Residential Property Rentals, Maintenance all the way to Back End Billing and Accounting

We Cover All Your Real Estate Requirements

From Creating Experiences for your Customers to Increase Vendor Satisfaction

We Build Solutions To Make Your Company Stand Out In The Marketplace

From Warehouse Management, Shipping and Receiving, to Creating or Increasing your EDI Presence

We Cover All Of Your Supply Chain Needs

From Creating & Optimizing your Projects and Resources with Real-Time Integration to Accounting and Billing.

We Take Care Of All Things Oil & Gas

From Discrete to Process Manufacturing, Make to Stock, Make to Order, & Quality Management.

We Optimize Your Production Processes From Start to Finish

From Asset Management to Service Management, with Flexible Rental Pricing Rules and Compliance 

We Cover All Your Rental Requirements.

From Companies that Build and Support Software & Services, to Companies that Require Seamless Recurring Billing Functionality.

We Cover All Your Software & Subscription Needs

From Start-Up Biotechnology Companies to Medical Manufacturers

We Have All Your Life Science Business & Compliance Requirements Covered

From Creating or Enhancing your Customer Portfolios, to ATM Integration & Deep Financial Dashboards for Reviewing your Customers

We Have Your Cloud Requirements Covered Within The Microsoft Cloud

From Membership Management, Event Management, Course Subscriptions, to Elections Management, & Back-End Accounting

We Handle Any Type Of Educational Institution Or Association That Requires a True Online Presence With The Microsoft Cloud

From Deep Reviews of your Customers to Other Properties or Events

We Cover Your Sales and Marketing Needs In Your Hospitality Business

Life Sciences

From start-up companies to established and seasoned Life Sciences companies CKS Cloud Solutions can assist with:

  • Forming Stronger Financial & Accounting Solutions
  • Advanced & Intelligent Warehousing Needs
  • Asset Management & Maintenance
  • BI Dashboards & Remote Training

Manufacturing & Distribution

From Discrete Manufacturing to Process Manufacturing, Distribution, EDI, Transportation and Logistics to Help-Desk Customer Service. Our services include:

  • Cost Control
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Automation With Vendors & Customers


Many retail companies are faced with requiring guidance on online strategies such as:

  • How to Implement & Enhance Curbside Pickup
  • How to Decrease Store Count and Increase Online Sales
  • How to Increase Online Brand Awareness
  • How to Implement a Self-Checkout Service


At CKS Cloud Solutions we have been Migrating, Implementing, Supporting, & Enhancing  our customers with a Hybrid Project Approach to suit all company sizes.


Countless companies have been trying to digitally transform & miss key fundamentals within their project.


Many companies are faced with legacy software that needs to be transformed to the Microsoft Cloud.


At CKS we drink our own champagne, using the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service Apps ourselves.


It is no longer just knowledge of implementing software but knowledge of how cloud software works together in a true digital transformation.

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